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copy of Kymco AK550 ABS

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High performance twin cylinder with a unique personality and sound. The almost horizontal positioning of the cylinders helps to lower the center of gravity to the advantage of driveability. The displacement of 550 cc offers the perfect balance between lightness and performance that place the AK550 at the top of its category. With 51 hp over 160 km / h of actual top speed, the AK550 offers top-of-the-range performance. But of course that's not all, to offer torque the Kymco twin-cylinder adopts a crankshaft with offset pins and 270 ° timing. The sophisticated electronic injection system is equipped with double mapping to adapt delivery to the needs of the rider or the road surface. Clutch and CVT transmission have been perfectly matched to the engine's delivery characteristics to reach record-breaking levels of acceleration and offer optimal throttle handling at low speeds.


The aluminum structure accommodates the engine in a fixed position, extends to the front with a 41 mm upside-down fork and to the rear with an aluminum swingarm, governed by a single shock absorber that works horizontally and in a lateral position. The final toothed belt drive ensures the best possible operation, but also an optimal weight distribution (50/50) and contributes to the lowest center of gravity in the category. Power, feeling and driving precision are combined with the excellence of the Brembo braking system with radial calipers which certifies an absolute level of braking quality, never before achieved in the segment.


Comfort, attention to finishes, ergonomics and connectivity are at the top. The saddle, wide and also designed for long journeys, adopts an adjustable backrest to accommodate the height of the driver. The windshield is also adjustable in two positions to improve protection and aerodynamic penetration.

The full LED headlights ensure superior quality lighting, while the full LCD instrumentation, which can be interfaced with the smartphone, is an absolute first in the world of scooters of any displacement. The Keyless starting system and the heated grips (standard) represent a further guarantee of comfort that very few other scooters and even few motorcycles can match.


AK 550 transforms any movement into pleasure and, once stationary, offers one of the best under-saddle compartments in the category, capable of accommodating a full-face helmet and a Jet at the same time.

There are also two practical compartments in the rear shield. A perfect combination of performance and comfort, between driveability and comfort.


Kymco's technological banner.

The state of the art of mechanics meets a refined chassis.


Data sheet

Alimentazione Elettrica
Zero Emission
Power Kw/Cv
1.500 W (2,0 CV) a 405 min-1
Compartment under the saddle
Massa in o.d.m.
64 kg
Singola batteria con capacità 1.200Wh (60V 20Ah) e disposta sotto la pedana centrale con possibilità di ricarica ON BOARD

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