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Brake cable (CAB005069) - Kyoto

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PTFE brake cable (CAB005069) Kyoto have developed an exclusive range of cables, for shifter and brake applications, with kits to suit all makes and models. The revolutionary design features a braided stainless / PTFE outer housing with PTFE coated inner cables.
Simple to fit - slick, precise shifting and braking is just moments away.

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53 Items

Data sheet

Mbk CW 50 RS BOOSTER NG 1999 to 2000
Mbk CW 50 RSP BOOSTER ROCKET 1997 to 1998
Yamaha CW 50 BW-S NG 1995 to 2000
Yamaha CW 50 RSP BW-S SPY 1997 to 1998

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