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Lithium battery U1/U1R (612329) - Skyrich



  • Maintenance: No
  • Technology: Polymer
  • Length: 166mm
  • Width: 123mm
  • Height: 163mm
  • Voltage: 12.8V
  • Minimum capacity: 3.5Ah
  • CCA: 150 / 300 (peak)
  • Positive pole: right
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Our lithiumion SKYRICH are smaller in size than conventional batteries and also lighter and have a lot of power.

For use in most vehicles on land, sea and snow, lithium-ion batteries are safe to use because they are non-combustible and non-explosive and are acid-free.

There is no leakage of dangerous chemicals and have a longer shelf life: Environmentally friendly batteries.

Each series of batteries has unique characteristics, which explain the difference in price and performance.


If the battery is not used, it must be charged once a month so as not to damage it.
If this first charge is not performed correctly, the battery can:

  • lose 20% of its nominal capacity
  • lose 30% of its total duration

A battery that remains completely discharged for more than a month will irreversibly deteriorate.

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